Dear Colleagues

We are very happy to announce that TAKE 2023 – The Multidisciplinary Conference on Intangibles will be held at University of Applied Sciences in Sopot, Poland, between the 28th and the 30th of June, 2023.

TAKE 2023 is the seventh edition of TAKE, following previous editions in Aveiro, Portugal (2016), Zagreb, Croatia (2017), Poznan, Poland (2018), and Vienna Austria (2019) and Online (2020) and Hybrid (2021) in Porto, Portugal. Information about the previous events may be found under the Heading Organization – Previous Events.

Due to many demands we will also open the Hybrid possibility this time. Therefore during the conference we will have an online stream.  For more information see the Registration webpage.

TAKE 2023 – To Think the Unthinkable – the Critical Analysis of Intangibles

With the world going through more crisis that can be named in a single sentence, from climate change, passing through Brexit, globalization and Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine and the rising energy prices,  this year in TAKE2023 we want to address:

“Critical Approaches  on the Analysis of Intangible Assets”

 In a broader sense we invite you to “Think the Unthinkable”.

We take for basis of reasoning the we like in Knowledge Based and Services Led economy, in which Intangibles (named as Human Resources, Intellectual Capital, or Knowledge, etc) are the most important asset, These approaches question the traditional, productivity, and rational paradigm and try to complement it enlarging the scope of the analysis . Possible questions to be addressed, but not exclusively, within the scope of the “Critical Thinking” are the following, within organizations and society and its relation to intangibles:

  • power issues
  • gender issues
  • inequalities issues
  • the economy of the future
  • minorities and identity issues
  • sustainable development
  • rational, emotional and spiritual approaches versus management issues
  • the self or its split in crisis management
  • managing the enterprise of the future
  • social responsibility
  • knowledge vs. wisdom
  • profit versus critical analysis versus radical analysis
  • time, present, future and past
  • linearity and non-linearity

We welcome very much  your reflections on how the economy and society  will look like in the future. Also and as ever we urge you to bridge theory and practice.  The events of the last years put questions to our sciences and had unexpected and unprecedented consequences to our lives. it is time to reflect on it and TAKE is an unique forum to do that.

In these times that are still troubled we decided to do a somewhat hybrid conference. Therefore  we will open room for some online sessions to be held during the 3 days,  but mainly we want to make TAKE 2023 in presence.

TAKE Spirit – bridging between theory and practice.

TAKE is an international scientific conference devoted to the multidisciplinary study of the knowledge economy. In particular, it intends to analyse the relation and the gap between theories and practices in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

As researchers, lecturers and practitioners, we know that theory evolves as long as practice demands. And we also know that answers for social problems require multidisciplinary efforts. Many times social scientists live in silos. We believe not only theory should meet practice but also scientist with different perspectives should meet.

Therefore, we bring together researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to discuss, advance, and shape the future of the knowledge economy.

Following the experience of previous TAKE conferences, we will put together experts from different fields such as Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management, Logistics, Retail, Public Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Models, SMEs, Competitiveness and Accounting. This diversity and wideness transforms TAKE into an unique forum. The closeness and friendship between participants is another element that turns TAKE conferences into unforgettable scientific events.

TAKE 2023 – To Think the Unthinkable – the Critical Analysis of Intangibles

In 2023, the conference will be hosted by Sopot University of Applied Sciences https://www.ssw-sopot.pl/en/.

Our aim is to build and  interesting scientific program that brings together research and business practice reflecting on current society and its future evolution, and daring to thinking the unthinkable. All this related to Critical analysis of Intangibles.

Therefore we selected 22 streams –  see:  https://take-conference2023.com/streams/

Due to the diversity and quality of the participants TAKE 2023 will be an unique forum to discuss the current situation world affairs from a multidisciplinary point of view of social sciences. A new challenge for the scientific turtle and its wonderful team.

A new challenge for the scientific turtle and its wonderful team.

TAKE is organised by a group of friends who started working together over 10 years ago AND WHOSE GROUP IS GROWING ANNUALLY. Information about previous events can be found under the heading Previous events. It’s been a tough ride and, as with all turtles, a slow one, but we’ve made good progress.

At TAKE theory “marries” practice and great scholars from fields usually apart meet for three days in the Summer for an unique scientific and human event.

So let us meet on June  28th 2023 in Sopot, Poland. Save the Date !